Introducing albums and singles

Production published by Simorgh Records or introduction of magnificent albums by artists with whom we have collaborated

Alireza Ghorbani

Sing With Me

Niloofar Mohebbi

From Convert To Infinity

Alireza Ghorbani

Dokhte Parivar

What is our field of activity?

Simorgh started working in 2010 by creating a concert ticket sales system. The company has collaborated with various artists and institutions in the field of production, production and publication of music and video works. With the experience of holding art festivals, we entered the entertainment events industry, and in the field of classical, Iranian and pop music, we have planned, managed, performed and produced many performances in Iran and abroad.

By combining different fields of art in live performances and with the advancement of technology in the structure of online ticket sales, we have become a leader in these activities.


What can we help you with?

Our most important activities

We categorized our activities into four general headings. Music, art, concert and management. We believe that music is an industry and that every part of it involves many tree activities. We have introduced the most important things that we have gained during these 11 years of activity to help you.


Production, publishing & distribution

Musical audio and video works

Talent identification and investment

Studio recording and scene

Study and workshop activities

Peripheral Instruments & equipment

Artistic advice


Holding festivals

Arts consulting

Graphic Design

Printing and packaging

Video Clips

Web Design

Design of the studio


Planning  & management

Online ticket sales system

Sound and lighting services

Supply of image equipment

Intuitive design services

Execution and support service

Design of a concert hall


Execution and holding

Legal Consultancy

Copyright works

Attract a sponsor

Art group management

Expertise of works by artists

Art Contracts Management